’47 x OG Slick ● Los Angeles Lakers OG Slick 47 Headline hood + Classic 47 Captain snapback

The first time you saw something on my blog related to OG Slick was when I visited Famous headquarters. There, among the pictures of what is de facto a street art museum, you have a giant graffiti piece inspired by the American flag over a part of the warehouse (where Travis Barker Cadillacs and other cars are parked) by OG Slick.


Following the principle “real gangsters do real things” you don’t end up in such an environment just because your cap is tilted to the side but you gotta have real skills together with certified street roots and our man Slick has them both. Founder of Dissizit brand, he is known for his dynamic and limitless approach to street art. No matter if we talk expos in galleries, illegal pieces or visionary toys, creativity flows in large amount when it comes to the Waikiki native relocated to Los Angeles.


’47 is no stranger to sharp collaborations: from the Black Fives capsule to the Supreme x Yankees x ’47 collab up to the recent capsule with pin giant Pintrill, this brand may be from Boston but it can relate to the West Coast with an NWA work ethic where it is… always into something.


That’s why the brand that you know for its premium sportswear apparel thought that the street artist should give a helping hand (or in this case two helping hands) to redesign Los Angeles Lakers logo.


With its trademark hands with gloves, this is Slick take on a classic in sports culture. Here you have it on a Los Angeles Lakers OG Slick 47 Headline hood but it’s also available on tees and caps. There is a whole capsule collection that beside this team includes Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers.


To top it all, considering the detonating power of the hoodie itself, you’d better wear it like Sally B does here, with a plain Classic 47 Captain snapback, so you won’t distract your friends from
staring at your hoodie.


After your clique will understand what you are wearing you will send them home with a broken neck like they had someone slam dunking on it. It’s always a matter of protecting your neck, even in the West… Keep checking The Maxiemillion regularly and I will show you some more of this juicy collab soon.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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