’47 x Supreme ● Oakland Raiders Denim Vest + Beanie

May we play a game where we make it seem like you never heard of Supreme before? It’s nearly impossible to play like this unless you are a middle aged school teacher that keeps on wearing the same clothes over and over for ages. Everybody and their cousins heard of the successful company founded by James Jebbia that literally changed the rules of streetwear industry.

A chain of 6 skate shops that started with a store in NYC Lafayette street and a private label that made fall in love friends by the likes of Nike, Vans, The North Face but also Comme Des Garçons, Stone Island and Louis Vuitton among others. Today we focus on a recent capsule collaboration that made my heart skip a beat as soon as I saw it: ’47 x Supreme x Oakland Raiders.

Put the whole collaboration thing in a stand by mode and rewind to 1988. A rapper named Chuck D wore a Raiders cap on the cover of Public Enemy second album. Needless to say all the fans of this rap supergroup wore Raiders as a tribute to their favorite hip hop frontman, me included.

Outcome: this is a timeless capsule, no matter if you want it because you are blinded by Supreme fever without knowing a thing about it or if you are into NFL and Oakland Raiders are your favorite team.

With front pockets that reveal a workwear inspiration, the black denim vest here worn by Elena S is embroidered on the front with Raiders logo on top and Supreme in Old English, while on the back you have a large Raiders shield embroidered with the utmost care.

This folded beanie is white for a matter of finesse: think of how many black beanies did you see in the last seasons. Raiders on the front (complete with ’47 woven label on the hem) and Supreme on the back guarantee that your beanie is an object of desire.

We will give a look soon to a couple more items from this capsule soon. Feel free in the meantime to check the first ’47 x Supreme collab that I posted here
Obviously this collaboration capsule is sold out but you can cop Raiders apparel and caps at ’47 online store here >
Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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