’47 x Supreme ● Oakland Raiders Pocket Tee Black + Twill Short White + Captain snapback

Do you remember that not long ago we ventured into Supreme territory? It was thanks to its ’47 collaboration that made possible a couple of posts here with sacred Oakland Raiders apparel (or shall I say grailed?). A Supreme collaboration is something we all live for, right? Each and every one of them makes our Earth tremble like an earthquake but little did I know that such collaboration was divided in two drops.

This is the second part of such collaborative capsule where the New York skateshop celebrates his love for the West Coast, his second home that consolidated this brand as a never seen before global phenomenon.

It works like this: ’47 has a licensing deal with NFL that allows the sportswear brand to create all the apparel he wants. Supreme has a good relationship with ’47 considering that before this the two brands already collaborated on a New York Yankees capsule and this Oakland Raiders one was an opportunity not to miss.

Raiders is hip hop. I don’t know how to say it differently but if I think that from Public Enemy’s Chuck D to Ice Cube and even Ice T rocked the Raiders shield on their caps, there is no doubt left.

The selection that we are checking out today with these shots of Gloria S consists of Oakland Raiders Pocket Tee Black worn with Twill Short White and Captain snapback.

Of course I had to include a pool to represent properly the freshness degree of these items that of course went sold out on Supreme website in a matter of minutes, like it always happens with the hottest drops.

It al makes sense: an outfit with such items is not a flavor of the month item that “gets old” but rather a timeless style, that made it from the golden age of the 90s up to here. Rest assured that it will be crisp next season and the following and the following…

As I told you what you see here is sold out but there are many more Raiders items awaiting online on ’47 website, don’t look any further.

Shop online for ’47 Raiders here >

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