5tate Of Mind ● 5 Wings crewneck

“My posse come quick, because my posse got velocity” was rapping Chuck D back in 1988 and these words may represent a prophecy of our city life. Fast living is how we could define our era where the time is never enough, the web could be faster and the objects become obsolete right after they are created. Are we all going crazy or is it me? I think we should go back to our roots a bit more, rediscover the pleasure of spending time doing what we love and put this rat race on hold.

5tate Of Mind is your city life expert and it’s always a pleasure to cover the brand that hip hop heads love. I recently had the chance to get this 5 Wings crewneck that you see here worn by Corinne C and I couldn’t be more surprised. I’m feeling front and back graphics, it’s not easy to come up with a brilliant concept to put on both sides of a crewneck but 5tate Of Mind succeeded.

This number 5 borrows Pegasus wings, pretty much like Goodyear did. “The city talks / the world listens” goes back to the glocalism that is the backbone of the philosophy of this brand: you act local, thinking global. This terry cloth crewneck has all it takes to look good in the next months and its raglan cut of the sleeves just adds value to an already smashing item.

Put your wings on then and go check your local urban store that carries this brand. If he doesn’t, you can order it on 5tate Of Mind website: it’s even quicker!

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