5tate Of Mind ● Tur’n snapback

I heard of 5tate of Mind, Jimmy Spinelli clothing collection, from word of mouth but I didn’t knew much about it. I first saw a piece on Marracash when he was presenting MTV Spit first serie: a satin college jacket Emme I 5tate of Mind. After that sighting I didn’t thought about it that much but I kept seeing here and there a few pieces. Being our man knee deep in hip hop culture since the streets were born, his name comes out when I’m talking with Turin’s finest: DJ Double S. He says that Jimmy is a cool dude and he passed me his contact and told me to get in touch with him. So I did and here I am to to present you Tur’n 5tate of Mind snapback. The philosophy of this brand is quite simple: looking good in the hood, reppin’it to the fullest. Focused on the top part of the clothing range, what we have here is a sportswear inspiration inclined towards a urban audience that can’t wait to keep it real, sportin’ the item that tells the world where they are from. The cap on Giorgia B dome piece is a snapback shaped with a tall straight crown and a flat visor. The production is proper and includes a custom sticker on the visor and custom tape inside. Look on the Facebook page for a list of the dealer closer to you or if you love online shopping, peep the official website and knock yourself out: nothing’s equivalent to online shopping at 5tate of Mind.

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