5tate of Mind – 5 Rules t-shirt

5tate Of Mind is a “keep it real” specialist. I don’t know many other brands whose CEO and founder can actually rap (no, drunk freestyles do not count), whose items are worn by the top hip hop heads in Italy. You may have seen an Italian OG like Tormento rocking this brand, but also an international cat like Walshy Fire reps 5tate Of Mind on stage. Kids are crazy about the Noyz Narcos varsity that this brand made in collaboration with Propaganda Agency and then comes Ensi. The gifted child of Italian freestyle has a part in the upcoming movie “Zeta” and guess what?! He has this same exact t-shirt during the battle that you can see in its trailer. I already posted here a snapback with the same style of design, if you remember. 5tate Of Mind is a natural in hip hop. This is where this brand naturally belongs so who else could come up with such an accurate manifesto. This 5 Rules t-shirt that Serenella M is wearing is all about true love for the art form. Know your roots and most of all what you talk about. Credibility comes from talking the talk and walking the walk without false moves. Delivery is your mission as an emcee: clear rhymes with a distinct flow. Attitude is how you move, how you act and all the non verbal communication that comes from you. Skills are a blend of your natural abilities together with your intelligence to combine them in an original form. See? You couldn’t get any better: 5OM does it and I explain it. What a team! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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