5tate Of Mind – MI Miracles snapback + tank top

It was a minute that 5tate Of Mind was missing from The Maxiemillion but rest assured, me and this brand get along really well. I’m always stoked on 5tate Of Mind and its ability to stay close to the street without worrying too much about what other brands are doing. Cities like Bologna, where the brand is born, Rome, Turin and Milan all meant a lot to the growth of hip hop as a culture in Italy. This in my perspective is one of the best tributes ever to the movement that sparked the idea to start the brand. If you peep every post with attention here, you may remember that I already posted the Miracles satin varsity jacket with this same graphic. The concept behind this name of an imaginary team from the city of Milan with such name is simple: Milan is the place where miracles happen as far as business and fame. So I’m here to present you today an outfit with Miracle snapback together with Miracle tank top, as you can see from these pictures of Beatrice S. If you think about it you may say that summer is almost gone and a tank top has no sense now but don’t forget that people also use pieces like this to dance or to train, so this piece still makes a bunch of sense. As far as the snapback, that “almost white” cream tone is banging and contributes to the throwback vibe that this style is about. We are all loving the game in the name of the city, so get along for the ride. Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari.

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