5tate Of Mind – NA Headcrackers Patch snapback + t-shirt

I can’t stay away too long from 5tate Of Mind. This brand found a way to express a one of a kind concept that truly appeals to me: you play the game in your city but it’s the same match that gets played everywhere, only with different expressions. Digging in local culture to express a concept to the world with a perspective that stays close to the streets: this is what 5tate Of Mind is all about. What is under our radar in this post is Naples Headcrackers Patch design that is available on a snapback and on a t-shirt. Naples loves cards games. The ace of sticks of Neapolitan pack of cards is known to each and every person that lives in this marvelous city. It represents affirmation and success in tarots so this brand makes this ancient symbol blend with a current claim that sounds good in every city: “you don’t wanna f**k with us”. It makes sense especially in Naples, considering the realness that seems to impregnate the air and allows no room for fakeness. People from Naples got a sort of special love for all kinds of music and clothing too, so 5tate of Mind seems to fall in the right place there. The list of cities of this brand got even larger recently as Kingston got added to the list that already includes Barcelona, Amsterdam and Ibiza, beside Turin, Milan, Bologna, Rome and of course Naples. Now you know what to wear if you start to think that people don’t have to f**k with you.

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