5tate Of Mind – On Fire t-shirt

Represent! It’s the hip hop word since Nas dropped the joint on Illmatic that goes by this name. No matter what you do in this global culture, the goal is to “represent it right”. You can be a DJ, an MC, you can be a dancer or a radio personality but also… a clothing brand. We all know 5tate Of Mind style now that we have been seeing this brand on The Maxiemillion for a while. A self made brand that step by step conquered the heart of all the hip hop fans in Italy where it was born, to venture in the four corners of Europe, who represents better than 5tate Of Mind?! The “do or die” competitive attitude that is the foundation of all the independent streetwear brands takes shape on this On Fire t-shirt. The game is the metaphor on which this brand is built. A game that is the same in every city of the world, only the players change. We are not talking about a friendly game of baseball but rather about street survivor. What is your score in the MC field? Can you cut better than other DJs? If you think that your performance can’t be beat, that you knock yourself out to do the best you can, then you are on fire like this t-shirt that Camilla M is wearing. With a proper print and the trademark label close to the hem, you can’t go wrong with this piece, like with all the rest of this collection. Keep burning with 5tate Of Mind or go home! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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