5tate Of Mind – Play Hard crewneck

If there is a joint from Too Short that I love is the one whose hook says “Don’t hate the player, ni**a, hate the game”. In such a few words there is a great lesson for life that can be adapted to many different situations. 5tate Of Mind is approaching you with a similar suggestion today: Play hard. The brand with a deep love for hip hop that you learned to love through my posts on its production is ready to play to win. The evolution of economy and global politics are not funny. It seems that we are living in an era that tells us to be ready for whatever in order to survive. Do it by any means necessary, even a baseball bat if it’s the case. The urban jungle is your playground where losing is not an option and you gotta do your best to emerge over your opponents, no matter what your game is. 5tate of mind is exactly this: an ally in the game that gets played in every city of the world. A fundamental requirement is to do it with style and this is where our Play Hard crewneck comes into the scene. This raglan cut piece that Francesca M is wearing stays true to sports field with its heather grey soft fleece. Its accurate print and a properly positioned label close to the hem, on the bottom left are nothing but confirmations that 5tate Of Mind is going in the right direction. If you want to excel in urban survival tactcs this is the brand for you, player.

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