5tate Of Mind – Play Hard snapback

For a second I thought of how many things we “play” in our everyday life and I lost count. We play a match but also video games, we play a song but we may even play a dvd. Not all you play makes you a player in the hip hop sense. A player… got game, be it with girls, cars or partytime but here we are on another wavelength: the game of life. You score points on money, power and respect and if you don’t play hard, your opponents will be the ones who take it all. 5tate Of Mind has ill street tactics to win the game and the numbers talk clear: 24k fans on Facebook can’t be wrong. Conquered one by one with a deep presence on Italian soil when it comes to what your favorite MCs love to wear, once you feel the realness of this brand it’s hard to accept substitutes. We saw this Play Hard design before, do you remember? The elements of that grey crewneck have been adapted into a snapback. It’s the first time that I see a 5OM cap that has a sublimated print under the visor and the result is dumb nice. Black with white embroidery, this item stays clean in order to pass its message in a stronger way. Well, how could it be any different if the message is “Play Hard”?! This cap on the head of Nicole P will be available online on 5tate of Mind website but if you are in a hurry then run like a player to the closest dealer!

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