5tate Of Mind x Limited Edition ● Mirror t-shirt

5tate Of Mind is a brand that is not new to The Maxiemillion. Also known as 5OM, it’s one of the players of the streetwear game whose skills follow the n. 1 rule in hip hop: to be original. You have seen MCs and DJs wear it all over the Italian turf and beyond.

As I just said it plays the game right so, one of the most common tactics is to find an ally to build a strategy that leads to victory. Enter Limited Edition. I know Dario, founder and CEO of this store in Treviglio (among Bergamo and Milan), for years now. We don’t get to hang together much but he makes me feel his presence via social media a lot and he is a great supporter of The Maxiemillion. The support is there when somebody that has a collaboration t-shirt calls you out of the blue and tells you “Tell me which color you like and what size” showing you this collabo t-shirt worn by Ylenia G.

It’s a smart concept: a store that deals with 5tate Of Mind can have a limited run of apparel that becomes a sort of private label, giving strength to the actual value of each other. I’m doing a sort of special with this collabo giving you not one but two back to back posts about a couple of these pieces. This is the Mirror t-shirt, whose claim is “Mirror yourself in the city”.

If after you look at yourself in the mirror you recognize that your style is so and so, don’t worry: Limited Edition can come to the rescue.

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