“Italiano, slanted-eyed bangin them fat Milano/selling coke right out the bottle” (Raekwon)

5tate of Mind is more than welcome every time here on The Maxiemillion. This brand to me is the representation of the realness, that is the backbone of their brand. CEO and founder Jimmy Spinelli aka Rischio is the right man at the right time and his vision of different cities tied to a common style but with different peculiarities truly makes sense.

For example do you know why he called this Emme I Miracles varsity jacket in such a way? This piece that Chiara C is wearing is here to represent Milan, the city of northern Italy where the opportunities are. Corporations, big companies but also the fashion industry and the music biz: everything is there. It is the place of big dreams, where the miracles happen. Let’s not forget that this is also the city that turned freestyle rap champs into tv characters and signed them to major labels with that show MTV Spit.

If this isn’t a miracle… This classic satin varsity looks like it’s a team jacket and the fact that it’s not is the best part of it. You gotta be down with the code of the streets to decipher accurately the meaning of this piece. It has been made in a limited edition of 60 pieces only so it goes without saying that the keyword here is the quickness.

Don’t think about it too much or you may end up empty handed: order this through 5tate of Mind website and you will receive it at home without moving. Ah, the miracles of the internet…

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