A.nother F.rustration F.or I.nsiders L.urking I.nfinitely A.nd T.itanic E.gomaniacs

Let’s make one thing clear from the get go: skateboarding sells you images, beside tools for sport moves or tricks, however you want to call it. Products have a specific target: you. Cover yourself with a leather jacket full of punk badges and you soon feel the need to ride [censored] pro deck. Buying [censored] pro model won’t let you skate like him. Of course your purchase is like a vote, you support your hero, but once again this blog here is by the side of the underground heros. Those that earned their respect with struggle and now are here to stay. Enter Affiliate skateboard company. These guys has been around for years and one thing is sure, they’re not jumping on the rock and roll bandwagon to sell you product. These dudes don’t smell like teen spirit, they smell like Slick Rick’s Polo Cologne. A small company from Chicago, that took its time to build a reputation, to put together a team, to find international distributors but now it’s on and poppin’. Founded by an Italian that goes by the name of Vincenzo Marrocco, there is a bit of Rocco in his name, isn’t it?! Wasn’t Steve Rocco fresh back in the day because he had a small company at the beginning of his career? History repeats and like in Underworld Element ads back in the day, Affiliate skateboard company has a message for you: f*ck the mass toys. The new revolution starts today and needs you, like Uncle Sam wanted u to join the army. How dope is this snappy deck is there for you to see. Not afraid of fresh colour combos? Cry me a river like Justin T because mum forgot to buy you the dual durometer 52 Affiliate wheels matching your deck at your skateshop. The marble like effects of the core gives this wheel extra flavour. What? Your skateshop doesn’t carry Affiliate skateboard company? Tell them to call Blast! distribution and get down with their fresh goodies program. Beside the catchy colours these toys can skate if you do. Ask Neen Williams. Ask the rest of the Affiliate skateboard company team. New blood doesn’t rely on old toys.

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