“Escaped bound to be Iron Man the great/the billionaire Tony Starks’ll renew your fate” (Ghostface Killah)

Addict and Marvel Comics share common ground once again. Not only we have seen an Iron Man armor… I mean a varsity jacket and a serie of snapbacks with all the main superherhoes league, but we also have truckers today. Available now on Double H website, this serie on the head of Irene B is called Vision Truckers.

This collaboration takes advantage of the attention to detail of Addict together with the evergreen fascinating imagery of Marvel superheros. If in the common perspective, a trucker is a low quality cap with a print on the crown and nothing else, this is definitely not the case. Turning a “poor” cap into a quality one is the name of the game today.

Each cap has an embroidery on the front, another with the name of the superhero on the back in the strap closure area and a third one that is a Marvel bar logo on the side. You have a wide rance to pick from: Iron Man, Captain America, Spider, Venom, Wolverine and Hulk are all lined up for you.

The best thing to do is to cop the whole serie and to wear one accordingly to the mood of the day. Remember “say it with flowers”? How about “say it with a cap”? Feeling mad at the world? Hulk is your choice. Feeling lonely and unappreciated? It’s Spiderman turn then.

Feeling fresh dressed like a million bucks? Iron Man is what you should put on your head to complete the outfit. Be aware of the fact that these truckers include no superpowers.

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