adidas Originals x Foot Locker ● Tubular Invader women’s

Foot Locker doesn’t cease its research in order to let people all over the world rock nothing but the sharpest footwear styles. No matter if you are in an Italian city or it you reside in the Netherlands, you will find the most en vogue sneakers and some of them are even in exclusive colorways, just like in this case.


From adidas, the brand that is getting major love from music fans beside sporty types, we give a look to Tubular Invader women’s, this sharp looking hightop here in the hands of Evelyn V.


Beside the length of the feet it’s even the morphology of the feet to come into play here: men and women have different shape of feet, let alone that girls are often mad about not finding their size at the sneaker shop. Here you can have your cake and eat it too: not only this style is available but from its look it’s made of a butter soft kind of leather.


This hightop is a refreshing change from the styles that we usually see on girls feet, opting for a less sporty and more 90s throwback style. Not that the Tubular serie ever existed in the 90s but hightops on girls bring out the aesthetics of that decade where Salt’n’Pepa, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte among others were starting to define a new style.


What makes this sneaker stand out is the contrast of its matte looking leather with its shiny heel panel. Its dark teal colorway called Vapor Steel Grey is also crucial in the way these sneakers look. It’s a sort of challenge for girls that aren’t afraid to play with colors when it’s time to put together an outfit.


Feel your feet wrapped in this silhouette but most of all feel finally happy that Foot Locker beside an updated website and a wide range can provide you… your size, girl.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo
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