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If there is a figure in hip hop culture that always fascinated me is the baller, the pimp, the guy whose kit when he goes to a club has to be officially on point, head to toe, getting all the girls. In my dreams I am a pimp myself only to wake up and realize that I’m in love with a lifestyle that I can’t afford.

adidas Watches not only doesn’t wake me up from my dream but lets me do my thing supporting me with back to back gold timepieces. Do you remember when we gave a look to Archive_M1 last summer. If you thought that my pimp game stopped there, think twice.

Jokes aside, adidas Watch collection is structured in a way where everybody can find a wristwatch that may fit his mood, more or less tech rather than design driven in a wide assortment of colors but… I went back to gold.

This Archive_M3 is one of the latest wristwatches to join the timepieces proposal of the Trefoil. There are a few common points with the one I previously posted here: they both are digital and share a retro looking inspiration that is always welcome.

But Archive_M3 doubled the fun, with two displays. Keep the calendar in check above while you may always know what time it is, peeping below.

Complete with chrono function and retro glow, this wristwatch has that extra flavor when you look closely. The case has an almost trapezoidal section that shows how progressive design can get along nicely with retro inspiration.

Ready to easily adapt to your life, Archive M_3 can follow you when you swim being resistant up to 50 m / 3 atm. Its case is made of stainless steel while the displays are protected by hardened mineral crystal.

It seems that there is no better choice when it comes to a timepiece, if you rock the 3 stripes on your feet. But this is just my pimp persona speaking. Give a look to adidas Watches website and you will be joining the Trefoil cult real soon…

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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