adidas Watches ● District_LX2

It’s not a matter of showing wealth through your wristwatch anymore unless you are a big name rapper (and your diamonds are real). It’s rather a way of showing what our passions are. From Run DMC “My adidas” to Kanye West “Facts” talking about Yeezys, the hip hop community keeps on praising the Trefoil for its constant dedication to the culture through the decades. That’s why wearing an adidas Watch on our wrist is more of a statement of love for what the Three Stripes keep on doing.

Like it happens with footwear, adidas provides several styles in order to have a range ready to appeal everyone, from the low budget kid that wants to follow the latest trends to the more mature customer.

It’s not the first time that I post items of the footwear brand when it deals with wristwatch design and the result is once again worth of your attention. The last one we saw was Process_SP1 a silicone lightweight watch for everyday use but today we step the style game up with the District_LX2.

adidas Watches went for an all black frame, face and strap set up that defines a more sophisticated style. Essential in design and functions, this 40 mm watch on Gaia D wrist tells you time and date relying on a Japanese quartz movement.

Water resistant up to 164 feet, no matter where your passions lead you, the District_LX2 is coming along for the ride.

With the research that adidas is known for, don’t expect an average wristband on this timepiece: 5 generations of originals leather workers gave you this superior wristband. Horween, the brand founded in Chicago in 1905 is your guarantee of quality of the utmost level.

The whole proposal of the Trefoil for what concerns timepieces is online awaiting on adidas Watches website while you can follow the evolution of these watches on Instagram on @creator_timing profile. Isn’t about time to show off on your wrist that music and sport make your heart beat baster?!
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