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The Beastie Boys told you this back in 1986: it’s time to get ill. So what are you doing with that old watch of yours?! adidas Watches comes to rescue providing timepieces that are ill for real.

I am a Trefoil fan, no need to hide it. Let’s say that in the corporate game of sneakerland this is my side, beside of course supporting all the independent sneakers brands that got soul. This is how it went: I was checking out Seek tradeshow and I kind of stumbled on this booth that had all these timepieces showing. I got magnetized and I went there to introduce myself and I got informed on how this section of the brand operates.

It works like this: adidas created exclusive styles for the fans of The Brand With Three Stripes. This means that the whole universe of this brand has been put into this small and precious range of adidas wristwatches. It’s essential and contemporary just like the sneakers that keep dropping these days getting major love from the fans of the brand.

This Process M_1 is the metallic version not to be confused with Process L_1 that has the same case but comes with a leather strap. To spoil you even more, an adidas specialty when it comes to taste, this watch is available in several colorways. This one is Gunmetal black, but for all the players out there that want to impress with proper bling bling, there is also a rose gold version available.

This watch corresponds exactly to what I look for in a timepiece: an essential clean design and nothing more than the time. No stopwatch, no alert, no timezone, no date: just a clean face in a flawless ton sur ton colorway. If I may add, this one gets along great with both Navy or Black. adidas Watches website is there for you to check, look no further…
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