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How can you blend your dreams that make you think of trappers timepieces encrusted in diamonds and reality where you are just a streetwear fan that can’t waste his money on this? Wait, isn’t diamond jewelry also called ice?! I have a solution then: with a silicone watch that anybody can afford of the same color of ice.

adidas Watches widened its range recently and introduced a few non-metallic watches that caught my attention as soon as I saw them posted on Instagram. Being a fan of adidas and of the way it shifted the focus from athletes to music artists, I follow its profile where the watches are, called @creator_timing with much attention. It’s since I first posted here Process_M1 and Cypher_M1 that I am intrigued by the possibility to represent The Brand with the Three Stripes even on my wrist.

So you want to rock some ice on your wrist but you are on a budget? adidas Watches comes to rescue with Process_SP1, an essential timepiece whose finesse needs to be touched and felt to be fully understood. Its silicone strap is extremely smooth and the pleasant feeling of wearing it can’t be properly put in words.

Lightweight with a monochromatic appeal that makes it a design object to any extent, this wristwatch doesn’t promise you anything but to be on time. You can’t read emails on it neither you can be updated on the state of the waves before you embark on a surf mission but its Japanese movement will make you be on time at meetings or at dinners with your significant one.

Also available in eleven more colorways, this is a watch for young fans of the brand that want to pledge their allegiance to Adidas by any means with taste, without showing off.

Take a tour of adidas Watches website and you will find it appealing and dynamic just like its sneakers are…
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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