adidas Watches ● Cypher_M1

It makes me smile to think about a watches brand that basically started… as a sneaker brand. We are at the abc of branding: once a brand is in the head of your potential customers you can do pretty much everything. Think Supreme and its infamous brick.

adidas Watches is the latest division of the Trefoil that saw an opportunity for a new extension of the brand. We saw another watch of this collection called Process_M1 not long ago and here we are again with Cypher_M1.

If the other style that we saw was more slim and essential this one is a bit bigger and gives the impression of a tough watch ready to follow you in all your sport adventures.

Its teal face gives a nice contrast to the stainless steel case and its 3d numbers inside surely add value to such watch. Technically speaking the Cypher_M1 (not to be confused with Cypher_LX1 that has a leather strap) has a quartz Japanese movement. Its single curve glass can resist up to 100 m/10 atm below sea level.

Also available in two more colorways such as gold and black, this watch talks about your passion for sports and a carefree living yet it has a remarkable and definite style that stands out, no matter if adidas means for you Lucas Puig or A$ap Ferg. Basically the moral of the story is all here: maintaining an identity that you feel as yours.

Feel free to browse the whole adidas Watches website where you will surely find the perfect match to your personality and remember: it’s not a luxury watch that makes you a better person but it’s your experiences. Laugh at those that invest thousands in their watch and use that money to travel, so you can play sports with new friends that you didn’t met yet…
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