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Aevor is a new player of the luggage game but I showed you quite a few of its pieces already. So you should be familiar already with this German brand but in case you aren’t here I am. Part of the Fond Of Bags cartel, Aevor provides progressive solutions for the urban commuter that according to its daily operations has to bring a backpack or another with him.


What makes this brand stand out is the eco sustainability of its cycle of production rather than its social commitment for a better environment of the workers that are protected by The Fair Wear Foundation. Every bag has at least 50% of its material coming from recycled pet. Considering how much plastic pollutes our ocean this is a noble principle that Aevor is very proud of.


Now that I made a quick presentation of the brand that belongs to Fresco Distribution roster, it’s time to focus on the Shoulder Bag that Michela P is wearing here. Is there a category in urban style that is gaining momentum more than this? I strongly doubt it. If you want to show off in a way that gives the picture of how much… fond of trends you are, the shoulder bag is your must.


In these times of high fashion / street style crossover, the accessory that you can’t live without is the ex-hip bag that now has become a shoulder bag or cross body bag. Carry with you all your essential items without worrying of where are your keys, wallet, glasses, cigarettes, lighter, smartphone, charger, power bank: everything is there, organized in those two zippers.


Open the front compartment and you also have a net pocket to keep everything in its place but in case something needs to be separated in order to be handy, there is also a back pocket. Give a look to Aevor website to pick the right color of this item: being an accessory with so much hype, you always have to match it properly…
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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