Aevor ● Trip Pack Bold Black

It was one year and eight days ago when I first reviewed the first Aevor Trip Pack. Being really close to the powers to be at Fresco Distribution, they know that my Summer is pointless without a crisp backpack before I leave for holidays. That’s why the Italian distributor made sure I had the latest colorway of what actually is an updated version of the one I showed you previously.

Following the huge wave that is part influenced by streetwear new crop and part 90’s heritage, you know that this Aevor item has to put branding in your face. That’s why this time the elastic straps put the name of the brand in full display. Put there your hoodie when it gets hot like Sara P does, leaving more free space inside.

What sets this backpack apart is the possibility to open it from its rolled up top rather than from the zip on the back.

Rolltop backpacks are not unheard of, yet they represent a solution that some people underestimate. Think twice: having the possibility to expand its capacity from 26 to 33 liters is a huge plus for this item, designed to carry a few objects but not too many.

Access your laptop that lies in its sleeve while it charges your phone in the zippered net pocket. It’s all a matter of functionality at Aevor that, beside creating good looking backpacks, also takes pride in being an eco sustainable brand.

Part of the Fond Of Bags, an umbrella dedicated to guarantee the minimal environmental impact, granting safe and healthy working conditions at the same time, this brand made this backpack entirely recycling PET bottles.

The outcome is that you do your part in saving the planet from plastic waste and at the same time you have a progressive backpack that lives the city at your same pace, just like this video from the brand shows. Explore the whole range on Aevor website and you will see several brilliant solutions to commuting, including bigger bags and even hip bags. See you in one year but hopefully earlier…

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