Urban Classics ● TB297 shirts

Urban Classics shirts here are… classics. I don’t know how to explain it better, this material has been around in our circles of friends, forever. Punk rock: check. Skaterhead: check. Hip hop fan: check. Electro hipster: check. Regular guy: check. A classic flannel shirt like this has an appeal that is exactely like the one of your denim: it all depends on the rest of your outfit. I so loved when back in the day in punk rock we had the cholo attitude: two first buttons up done and the rest of the shirt opened up. And again if you really were into punk to a point that you were attending punk concerts with the idea of slam dancing (aka pogo) in mind, it wasn’t uncommon to find in the mosh pit guys with two shirts: one on and the other tied up to the waist. Skaters always rocked flannel shirts. For decades. Classic ones or fresh ones, up to the point that in latest years this item is flooding all the street brands collections with countless variations. Hip hop fans? Just peep first Snoop album cover, I don’t need to say much more. Electro hipsters love flannels. They think they have started a trend I think, but I let them talk, I won’t explain anything to them, unless they read this post here. I’m pretty sure they are ready to wear these flannel shirts with a snapback that has a squared visor. A regular guy has other interests rather than clothing and trends, listens to what the radio airwaves bring to his ears, usually plays football twice a week and may go to the restaurant with his girl on the weekends. A flannel shirt like this may fit even his style and won’t let him look like someone he’s not. Me, I’d like to rock the lime green one with a Kicks Hawaii tee with an heraldic emblem logo that has those same exact colours. The turquoise one in my vision has to be worn in a full black attire with slight turquoise accents on black kicks. Get familiar with this brand: Urban Classics is now available in Italy too and, as you can see from the banner among “The Maxiemillion supporters”, Boma agency is now in charge to represent this brand. Loving this blog like they really feel its spirit, they sent a load of awesome no logo gear that I can’t wait to wear, after I will post it. You should do the same. No, I’m not talking about open a blog and talk nonsense, you should wear Urban Classics.

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