“Ain’t nobody dope as me/I’m just so fresh, so clean (So fresh and so clean clean)” (Outkast)

Time doesn’t wait for anybody. It was yesterday when you spent afternoons at your friends crib listening to his new vinyl purchases before you hit the skatepark rocking logo sweatshirts of your favourite company of shoes/trucks/decks. After that you usually went home for a shower and a clothing change. Why not to change the sweatshirt too? Negative, you love that sweatshirt too much to quit it so there you are, wearing it again. That’s the sweetness of 20 years of age. Last thing you know, you are now 30, you don’t spend your afternoons like you were used to and you work as a graphic designer. Even if at the office everybody is cool with you, you feel like you should have some care of your person just to show respect back, but you’ve never been one to dress elegant or formal. To wear that Calvin Klein windbreaker that was together with your eau de toilette & after shave package you received on Christmas just feels weird. It’s just not you. It’s all a matter of preserving your identity and the above mentioned item doesn’t make the cut. Once you’re there desperate, thinking that all the good looking jackets are not representing your well evolved ego properly, all of a sudden you notice that evolution is around you. What a surprise that the old plush zipper turned into a semi classy windbreaker still with traces of sporty look. You’re safe! It’s also safe to tell you that these yummy items are fully lined and details include an interior pocket and UP art label, chest welt pocket and 2 side welt pockets. There’s no way you can find your match of the above patterns and size anywhere else than at Upper Playground SF and online at the Upper Playground web store. Hint: get one for your girl in a different pattern to show her that you love her. Hint n.2: don’t let her wear her DWP premium hoodie (that’s how these beauties are called) while you wear yours. Take turns.

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