Airwalk Classics ● One The Pearl

Asking an OG like myself to write about Airwalks is like inviting me to a dinner. I lived that late 80s skate era and, not to brag, I was even skating decently at a level that my name was part of the Italian flow team roaster, close to the one and only Giorgio Zattoni. I’d better be still skating with the same passion that Giorgio has but nowadays his stellar level is a couple of galaxies far away from me.

I am more than pleased to introduce you the latest from Airwalk in form of this sneaker that belongs to Airwalk Classics division. Considering that the brand that was every skater’s dream in the late 80s recently celebrated 30 years of age, my connections at Authentic Brands Group sent over this shiny marvel called The Pearl.

It’s a rendition of the original Airwalk One, designed under the supervision of Jeff Staple that put all his sensibility towards streetwear progression in this project.

The all-time best selling sneaker by this brand has been redesigned in this way just because… you give a pearl for 30 years of marriage. Isn’t Airwalk married to the griptape of your skateboard?

Look at these shots of Claudia S during a sunny day and check how the mirrored surface of the sneaker looks. The design stayed true to the original, with the same trademark cupsole. The lining has been upgraded: a molded cup sock with PU heel insert is your guarantee of confort for long skate sessions.

Keep an eye on Airwalk because I have even seen among the upcoming projects a yummy Colette collaboration that looks promising…

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