“Aiyyo I roll on bit**es, like a skateboard/got a few friends that give their cake to whores” (Ghostface Killah)

s God I’m not a nu metal lovin dude. Can you imagine a title like “Tell me what you gonna do now! [C’mon!]/you keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [Uh!]” (Fred Durst) on such a fine post?! I do give props when props is due, that’s why I put in the title above a couple of bars of The Wally Champ. Back in the day there was this champ called Jason Lee that made enough noise around his name. One footed ollies over fire hydrants, smooth 360 flips like nobody ever did before have been the trademarks of his style that has been legendary for decades and still is to this day. Him and Chris Pastras joined forces and created an outstanding skateboard company familiar with words like full fidelity sound and sound agency. Stereo skateboards was born, in order to give back to the aestethics of well executed skate moves with unknown good music as a soundtrack in its videos, far from rock or hip hop stereotypes. Graphics portraying horns and record players got the image of Stereo closer to a record company than to a skate one. Now recently this need that everybody feels to go back to the roots, hit them too. No vintage clothing but vintage hardware here: here comes Stereo Vinyl Cruiser. Forget all your skate tricks, all the stress and the peer pressure to do the tricks that your homie can do and you can’t. Erase all that, like you have never seen a skate video in your life. Stop playing games in the safety of your living room in front of a tv. Come out and play like that dude from The Warriors was calling you. Use it as a transportation tool from where you’ve parked your car to the shop where you work, use it as a way to impress your friend, this “banana board” is nothing but fun, without forgetting style. All these eight color variations come in the same exact kit that you see in the first three pictures above, including a sticker pack to customize it and of course matching Stereo sunglasses. Take note that nobody will give you a fine if you pull out a trick here and there. Clint Peterson 360 flip in this commercial is mad sweet, for example. Distributed by Blast!, available in finer Italian shops by the end of February, these beauties above only require two carefulness: a) take out all your style while riding but make it look casual b) smile often.

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