Akomplice ● Mi Bandera capsule

I so love to refresh my blog with some brands worth checking out and today is absolutely the case. Who could have thought that brothers Mike and Patrick from Colorado would conquer the world with their brand Akomplice. Carried in over 250 stores worldwide this brand represents an underground elite or, in the words of the founders, the “evolution through innovation” that we all strive for.

I had the pleasure to get in touch with Akomplice through Zen Distribuzione / Fashion No Victim, whose research revolves around finesse and concepts rather than numbers and mass products. You will discover with me that this capsule that I am posting today not only is eye catching, but very deep for what concerns social inclusion.

Artist Nacho Becerra got stuck by reality, simply observing how Mexico lost portions of land to Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. To make his sensation stronger he simply realized how many Mexicans are now integrated in American society, creating a brotherhood de facto. If this is not enough Mexico is the world’s largest buyer of US products and the most popular vacation destination for Americans.

Nacho used the vivid colorway of Mexican traditional serape fabric to create Mi Bandera capsule collection, a limited run of items that includes among others Mi Bandera Jacket but also a long sleeve t-shirt and a short sleeve t-shirt.

Check in detail how the symbols of both countries are print on the side or on the sleeve of your tee

The appeal of such vivid colors is automatic but this is only the surface: the t-shirts are made using organic cotton. You can always find cheap t-shirts everywhere but is there any respect for our planet in their craftsmanship or the only logic that matters is profit?

For what concerns the jacket it has something to say between the lines: most Americans perceive Mexicans mainly as labour force? Let’s create an item customizing a workwear staple, then: Dickies Insulated Eisenhour Jacket.

With a flag actually stitched on the back panel of said jacket, with frays flying freely when it’s windy, you can’t go wrong: Akomplice Mi Bandera is conceptually strong.

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