Akomplice ● The Wrong Amazon t-shirt

Question: are you someone that cares? When they talk about global warming do you think it’s something that will never bother you? I know that there are “other priorities” when it comes to the news but these issues are not stopping, just because there is an ongoing pandemic, and Akomplice wanted to let you know that it took a stand.


Awareness and the need to know what’s behind every single item that we buy can definitely make a difference and we can’t wait any longer, according to what scientists say. It’s a matter of giving the right importance to every single act in our daily operations and shopping for clothes is without a doubt one of them.


Raw materials play a huge part in such process and this is the reason why The Wrong Amazon t-shirt crafted in the USA is made of organic cotton. Pesticides and chemicals subvert the natural order of all primary forms of life and Akomplice does its part not only using the right materials but also turning this tee into a propaganda billboard.


It seems that there is no love, that’s why the front print of this tee is mirrored, just to pass you the message right, while the branding is straight to remind you who is making you ponder the state of things. Turn around and the back of this tee has another message, even more direct, that says: “The wrong Amazon is burning, the wrong ice is melting”.


This could be a wicked wordplay but it is a sad but true reality: the main source of oxygen for the planet is getting smaller day by day and the same happens to North and South Pole, dripping on daily basis even if they don’t speak the trap slang.


Akomplice sensibility towards real issues of the world was evident even on my last post about this brand, when we saw Mi Bandera capsule items developed by Mexican artist Nacho Becerra to make people reflect on racism. Act now before there’s nothing left to do: do your part supporting this brand part of Zen Distribuzione / Fashion No Victim proposal for a better tomorrow (and a better style… ).

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