Alice in wonderland bunny was late and this babe is even later

I really don’t want you to think that, since most of the stuff that you see here is for man, this is a “men only” blog. It is also true that I suck at photography, being a newcomer to the picture game. I got the impression that technical stuff and notes tend to be boring sometimes, so to give you the composition of this Von Zipper woman tee black/gold is unuseful. Fortunately I had the support of Babes and Bunnies leading force for this one here. It’s better to look at this tee under the perspective of somebody that takes picture in a dark kitchen at 5 am. The influence of the above mentioned blog is evident. It’s definately, in this case, a visual celebration of the importance of nothing. Call it Vice vibe if this helps you to understand the feeling, but one thing is sure: Von Zipper “high end” tees in this style kills me. Why should “urban girls” dress as men with logo tees and hoodies? Going to the restaurant on a sunday with this on makes sense but also going to a club on a friday for all I know, is legit. If you’re a teen and your mom gets mad at you because you came home at 5 am and she’s there, waiting for you for an hour, since the contract was to be back at 4am, don’t blame it on us and how your tee looks way better at that time: it’s not gonna work… People at New School shop told us that this piece isn’t out earlier than 6 months. Read sample. Sit and wait.

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