Alife – Neon Green t-shirt

Being a fan of Golden Age Hip Hop, that era left a permanent mark on my heart. I know that Alife feels the same. Otherwise why this brand would put together Alife Sessions with people like Redman or Nas?! Why in 2009 it had a limited drop of an Alife x Ol’ Dirty Bastard RIP jacket? Because they feel the same way as I do. With a complex design just as I like, here is Neon Green t-shirt. The concept here is to give a new twist to an American tradition: neon signs. From corner stores to motels you can find a lot of this type of signs around. Palm readings and all types of devination are quite common and so are the related neon sign. Mixing this with the Luniz joint that got everybody crazy in 1995 that talked about sharing a dime sack of green among the two MCs, you have a design for a t-shirt ready for detonation. Who else could have come up with the tee that Marica B is wearing? Alife didn’t get there just because of a cool logo but with years of work where it polished its production up to the point to become one of the main trendsetters in East Coast streetwear. Nothing like this brand can claim to be part of New York street culture, redefining as time goes by the meaning of fresh, collection after collection. Alife’s mission is to showcase, elevate and perpetuate the downtown culture from which it is born. Alife cannot be defined by one cultural movement alone. Alife is art. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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