All Good ● Newport jacket

All Good is a style statement from California. All Good is love for life and environment. All Good is all about feeling alright. If you feel this way too then you are much welcomed to join the movement. The Maxiemillion joined already: don’t you remember that we saw a soccer t-shirt and a pair of joggers from this brand not long ago? All Good created with this Newport jacket an anorak that is a kind of tribute to the 90s, during that era where nautical gear and bold logos were all you wanted to wear. This piece that Sara T is wearing is a lightweight windbreaker that is also packable, in a total retro vibe. The kangaroo zipped pocket on the front has another easy access pocket outlined by reflective paint. The pick of colors is what gives to this item its impact and gives you plenty of options on how to create a fresh outfit. I suggest to have a smooth touch when it comes to pants, caps and sneakers. Don’t try to throw in too many colors in what I call “an headache outfit”. This is the piece that you may want to wear with a pair of tan Wallabies instead of a pair of sneakers. Or how about a pair of all white kicks?! Just watching this piece gets me inspired and I may figure out more outfits than in a De La Soul old school clip. Get inspired: browse All Good website and you will see how unique is the perspective on clothing of this little Cali brand with a great soul. Pictures courtesy of Letizia Da Re.

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