All Good – Planes and Yachts crewneck

It was yesterday that I saw that Marquise Henry video part on Thrasher where he is wearing the same All Good soccer t-shirt that I posted here last December. Considering that ‘Quise is slowly but steadily becoming a style reference for the new school skateboarding, I bet that people at All Good are really happy about this. But today I’m here to give you a whole another flavor from this brand. Planes and Yachts crewneck is clean, almost preppy but it has a distinguished flavor that sets it apart among all the other crewnecks that you may have seen here. I’m talking about a piece that is embroidered all over with little… planes and yachts. I bet you don’t remember but I do: we have seen this design before on the Official Yacht life snapback last September. Well, Marquise Henry is sponsored by Official and rocks All Good tees, the same design is shared among the brands so this can only mean one thing: the two brands are under the same umbrella. Who cares about these industry news, you want to know about the crewneck that Roberta G is wearing, right? A terry cloth item, each and every embroidery is on point and its slightly relaxed fit is what we all love to wear. All good is a real independent brand, its collections aren’t huge and every piece is designed with the passion that makes the difference. All we have to do is support it and this brand from Sacramento will keep on giving us authentic Californian taste (without us taking any plane or yacht…). Pictures courtesy of Pentaprism.Intuition

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