“All I wanna do is make woopie/your my pink cookie/not a wookie/when you take it off I’d love a lookie” (LL Cool J)

So we are almost in that period of the year when you’re supposed to plan for the holidays, go out of your house more, get tanned and look good, if I’m not wrong. “Summer summer summer tiiime“would sing our friend Will Smith. You only have a couple of random ideas roaming around your dome piece. You think that pink, since Nicki Minaj has 19 milli plus fans on Facebook, is not more just an option, it’s a consolidated reality. Then again, after you have decided the color of your summer cap, you think that probably the morning after that summer festival that you have decided to attend, you would need a pair of sunglasses but what to choose? Designer glasses? What for!? Sporty glasses? Played out… Skate glasses? Too much of a statement and you don’t feel like daring that much. Once again the friendly & smart team over at Boma Agency comes to rescue with the above combo that hits your style and not your hard earned finances. From Masterdis collection here comes their Baseball Cap Flexfit Neon Snapback together with Sunglasses Lundu in Amber color (what a coincidence that our model name is Kourtney Amber R!). These are two news over at Masterdis that will keep your street credit intact. That 6007 Classic 5 Panel Snapback infact is the most recent creation of the Flexfit co. and I’ve seen one of my favourite brands use these snapback blanks in other colours to create theirs. This one is the shape that you see around these days: square visor and tall front of the crown. Lundu glasses are fresh and original, enough classy to clash against a sporty style and give you a ghetto queen steez but may work with you even if you dress less casual. Those studs on the side make the difference. Tell me that Kourtney here is not looking great and I’m not doing my job. Peep the details of the cap and the glasses in this Facebook gallery.

L’estate in arrivo significa una ventata di benessere. Pianifichiamo le vacanze, usciamo più spesso ci abbronziamo un po’ e sembriamo pure più belli. Ecco un paio di accessori proposti da Boma Agency che sicuramente andranno a completare il vostro summer style senza gravare alle vostre finanze. Dalla infinita gamma Masterdis infatti, l’argomento del post di oggi sono il Baseball Cap Flexfit Neon Snapback e i Sunglasses Lundu. Il cap è troppo bello: visiera quadrata e fronte alto della corona, proprio come va fatto. Trattasi del 6007 Classic 5 Panel snapback, neonato della famiglia Flexfit che grazie alla sua forma tra l’altro, è già stato prontamente impiegato come blank per lo sviluppo dei propri cap anche da uno dei miei brands preferiti. Gli occhiali, qui nel loro colore Amber, son vincenti su tutta la linea: in contrasto con uno stile sportivo oppure coerenti in uno stile classico ci stanno sempre. Punto vincente le barrette laterali. La nostra modella Kourtney Amber R difatti ne esce al top della forma. Ditemi che non sta una bomba e io non sto facendo il mio lavoro. Altre foto con dettagli di caps e occhiali su questa galleria di Facebook.

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