“All propaganda, one big fat lie/’cuz I see the king with my very own eye” (Q Tip)

Royalty is for everyday people too. People with a special gift or that worked really hard at something, they acquire from their friends the status of king or queen. You’re fast and skilled on your computer? You’re a digi king. You keep on taking pictures and you really give the impression to capture the moment with spontaneity and intensity? You’re a photo queen. You cook like you’re part of the Michelin guide and it’s your pleasure to invite friends to your home because your dinners are something not to miss? You’re a kitchen king. There are actually endless possibilities. When you are in front of Obey, you’re no longer facing a brand only, you are facing a movement. A movement whose rebel spirit through street art makes you think on everyday routine and shows you an alternative path to choose through reflection and deep observation. So Obey Propaganda today tells you on this tee shirt that they are “kindly supplying distress, paranoia and fear to the common people”. Being a king is not a secret to them, because they are. From the stencil game to a few tee shirts, to a complete collection, to several collections for man and woman including more “dressy” stuff and endless accessories. The dressy stuff is part of the growing process: you’re not a skate kid for life. As you get older, Obey designers explained during last Blue workshop, you may be be in grown up situations but still you don’t want to lose your identity. This Royalty tee is not your common ringspun 100% cotton tee. Like once I told you with another item with the same composition, you can now actively partecipate in a recycling process that, wearing this 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% rayon, makes you the king of awareness. I gotta give it up to Blue distribution for being the king of fine threads and letting this tee shirt slide in my hands before it’s even out. I’m happy, because I think I’m a king myself so I deserve this: I’m the king of this blog. This blog that, through deep observation, two days ago reviewed an item with green and red reigning over a white background conferming that it’s an excellence driven color combo. Aren’t green and red, together with gold, reigning even here over this heather grey tee?

I tuoi amici non pensano di te che sei il king? Il digi king del computer. O magari le tue amiche dicono di te che sei la photo queen, da quanto sono intense le foto che scatti. O ancora nessuno si vuol perdere le tue cene dato che sei un king in cucina. Obey è king in questo gioco di ruolo dell’urban movement. Leader naturale di un movimento che tramite la street art induce alla riflessione e all’analisi della società contemporanea, ha saputo far crescere il proprio brand con una accuratezza rara, sviluppando molteplici stili in parallelo che rendono la sua proposta il top. Concetti profondi, attenzione alle vestibilità in auge e materiali di ricerca, quale questo filato proveniente dal riciclo di materiali che non vengono così dispersi nell’ambiente, non sono da tutti. Blue distribution ha fatto di Obey il proprio fiore all’occhiello non a caso, quindi. Questa Royalty tee shirt, anticipazione appartenente alla prossima collezione, si basa su una palette di colori che già avevamo visto qui su un altro articolo di due giorni fa, tra l’altro. The Maxiemillion: che blog da king!

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