Altamont ● Badges tee

When a brand has a claim like “cut from a different cloth” you can expect pretty much anything but some deja vu concept. Altamont came in the streetwear game to give a flavor that was missing from a streetwear industry lacking in actual rebellion. To make it simple: why do you think you are “something else” if you are just like all the rest of your friends?!

Altamont is the alternative brand from California that is called in this way because of the festival of 1969 with the same name that had Hell’s Angels as security. It goes beyond your flavor of the month brand. Its rock and roll roots are not there to be nostalgic but rather because in this original movement there was actual freedom, more than in punk or hip hop or trap where you are basically forced to follow a scheme anyway.

So while all the hype goes in one direction, Altamont goes in the other, in the name of individuality. The same intuition that made the brand ask to skateboard artist FOS to design its handwritten logo. Or to pick up an outsider like Neen Williams instead of a Street League super pro to design a capsule collection.

Badges tee here worn by Sara R is a clear example of all the above. No need to have a huge logo or a claim when your intention is to give the vibe of a random blank tee with three badges. Of course they are printed (and not pinned on the tee because what should not be forgotten is that not taking yourself too seriously is good for your health.

This cotton blend tee has a straight fit and a very small woven label stitched on the hem, to maintain a low profile for great results. If all this made you want to bring out the uniqueness of your soul and you want to know more about Altamont you should browse its section on Blakshop: the different cloth has never felt this good before…
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