Altamont ● Moral Panic long sleeve + Decades snapback

Very few other brands are inspired by music and arts like Altamont. I don’t see anything out of place here, if you think that this brand was named after the infamous Altamont Festival held in 1969 where Hell’s Angels were working as security staff.


With the original intent to give skaters a retro fresh style instead of making them look like athletes, Altamont stays true to its research and today it digs deep in the history of rebel music. This collaboration long sleeve tee is signed by Jesse Michaels, the singer of the Bay Area punk ska ensemble Operation Ivy. After many lives he is currently a visual artist that contributes with its oil paintings to album covers beside painting for himself.



When our man met up with the powers to be at Altamont, they slowly focused on the idea to revisit the historical clash among mods and rockers that took place in 1964 in Brighton (that later on will be turned into a movie produced by The Who called Quadrophenia).


That’s what is portrayed on this long sleeve t-shirt worn by Sally B called Moral Panic. Incredible how deep they dug to bring this out.


What’s better than to wear this with an Altamont Decades snapback?! This two tone headwear piece ended up under the spotlight of this blog already and no matter what color it is, that
rugged A on the crown always looks nice.


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