Altamont ● Wilshire denim

Do you have an idea about who is on Altamont skate team beside its founder and CEO Andrew Reynolds? I may give you a helping hand: Bryan Herman, Jon Dickson, Brian Hansen, Kenny Hoyle and Neen Williams. These guys have a strong sense of style, they go all out with their skateboarding and no compromise is accepted: it’s all or nothing.

In this perspective the Wilshire denim that you are looking at is the perfect fit for them. This piece, together with all the new spring summer collection, is about to be delivered by Blue Distribution to your favorite shop in these days, in two different color variations.

Available in Vintage and Dirty wash, you are looking at the latter here and it’s a wonderful sight, I know. Its cut is what this brand calls Tailored fit. It’s a straight cut that with 2% of stretch denim allows you to move free from any constriction. Let’s get down to business: what hits you hard here is exactly what hit me in the very first moment.

The Dirty wash of this piece is uber nice. To get this shade they used a very light blue denim and then they washed it with a “dirty” component that for all I know it may be some tea based dye. Beside this what looks lovely to say the least is the contrast of neon yellow stitchings. I bet you have never seen it before.

From the brand that is “Cut from a different cloth” now you now have a denim “sewn with a different thread”.

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