Altamont – Dewy SS Woven shirt by Blue Distribution

Season after season Altamont keeps on giving that “out of step” flavor that you expect from this brand. If Andrew Reynolds is involved style wise, you can bet that what you are about to see has no weak spots. Dewy SS Woven is the name of this cotton shirt worn by Dario P that goes towards vintage and thrift shop direction. Altamont, let’s not forget, was born because Reynolds was tired to bring his secondhand clothes to the tailor to fit him as he envisioned. This is why you don’t have any cheesy deja vu floral print but rather a pattern that could belong to new wave or psychedelic rock era of the late 70s. That’s the key of the style of this brand: to bring back that sort of street elegance related to the aura of rockstars of the past. The Blue Distribution brand that in this season has a very interesting collabo with Fuct mastermind aka Erik Brunetti, seems to give to the brand a direction that wants to keep its original rawness and does not look like a diluted surf brand. It’s not by accident that you can count among Altamont ambassadors skaters, musicians and artists. The inspiration is there and as far as production and distribution this brand can count on the back up of Sole Technology that believed in Reynolds since day one. Blakshop has an online selection of Altamont that you should check out if it is not available in your area. If shops don’t know what they are missing, you don’t have to do the same error. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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