Altamont – Perennial short

It’s easy like ABC. A stands for Altamont. It also stands for Andrew Reynolds, the top pro skater that founded Altamont with support from Sole Technology. B stands for Bad a** or Bangin’ or Blazin’, words that come out as soon as you look at any Altamont piece. C stands for California, the birthplace of streetwear, where Altamont was conceived and gets inspiration on daily basis from the city of Los Angeles and from smaller surrounding cities that influence our head designer at point A. I really don’t know what inspired this Perennial short but I know for sure how it looks: perfect. We have seen this pattern when I reviewed my first Altamont piece called One Liner t-shirt. Was the inspiration found in a thrift store? Or was it a wallpaper seen in a pub during a UK tour? Both? The classy extravaganza of this short is pretty unique among all those that I have seen around but once again it’s the fit that makes the difference. Cut short above the knee, drawing the lines of your body, Perennial is ready to follow you. It truly is a piece that you can wear in many different styles. Do you feel more a clean version where you wear this with a monochromatic maroon polo or the loud one where you rock it with an obscure t-shirt? Like the skaters in Altamont team that bring a diverse flavor according to who you choose, you can have a diverse style according to your mood, when wearing this short. Be on the lookout for the upcoming Altamont fall winter pieces and you won’t be deceived.

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