Altamont ● Peyote Pants by Blue Distribution

I don’t know if you ever had the chance to go to Los Angeles. That city is a mecca for all things related to streetwear: best brands, best shops and biggest comprehension of cultural value of streetwear. Altamont in this scenario represents the realness.

With a flavor that is far from the spotlight that many brands look for, this brand stays true to its claim: “cut from a different cloth”. Here we talk about a distinguished style, that carries the heritage of the founder Andrew Reynolds, a man that is respected for the way he carries himself on an off a skateboard. I always posted Altamont on The Maxiemillion because I can relate to its “street elegance” philosophy. This brand basically was born because Andrew Reynolds was tired to bring his clothes to the taylor to get the fit that he had in mind. Its Italian dealer Blue Distribution kindly sent me a pair that is under my inspection today.

Peyote Pants is a quite hippie name but what do you expect from a brand that has its name from a concert where Rolling Stones, Santana and Jefferson Airplane played?! You won’t have mystic visions wearing this pant. All you will have is a good fit and a very fresh gunmetal colorway called Safati. With the elastic cuffs borrowed from Jogger pants, these trousers have what Altamont calls a “Tapered fit”. Considering that never like now you have so many choices beside “a pair of denim” if I was you I would keep this pair under my radar in order to work on outfits… with a different cloth.

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