Altamont ● Muezzin

All you see around, in a way or another, may become a t-shirt. Designers are hanging with their friends, doing physical activities like skateboarding or other sports, going on trips, reading, watching movies and something sparks an idea that they know in the back of their mind that it could end up on a t-shirt.

What passed through the mind of the designer at Altamont when he conceived this is not easy to define. Wait, art doesn’t have to be defined: art has the power to evoke thoughts and if I only tried to “explain” what happens on this t-shirt that Sally B is wearing, I would miss the point. To stare at this Muezzin t-shirt is an LSD trip in the security of a domestic environment.

If you think about it for a second, it’s not by accident: the brand that delivered me this piece shares its name with a hippie festival that went down in 1969. There are no hippies here by the way, peace and love were a mirage, now it’s time for some action. That’s what the founder Andrew Reynolds thought when he wanted to give his personal touch to streetwear with this brand, to inspire the youth and the infinite potential in their hands.

This tee shirt is light and the screen print on it is light too, we are not in the presence of a thick gummy print that makes you sweat like you were in the Sahara desert. This brand is part of Blue Distribution roster so you know who you have to contact, don’t trip.

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