“Whose roar is loud enough to take the stripes from a zebra/he camouflages his bets and his spots of a cheetah” (GZA)

Do you remember when we talked about Altamont Paint by Camo serie for the first time? It happened one week ago with that raglan t-shirt.

One thing that always happens in my mind every time I hear the word camouflage is that I hear RZA bars in 4th chamber: “Aiyyo, camoflouge chameleon, ninjas scalin’ your buildin’/no time to grab the gun they already got your wife and children”. If you want to be a camouflage chameleon with this Paint by Camo Camp Hat you are up to a good start.

A custom made pattern that you won’t find anywhere but here, the sensibility that Altamont has towards what happens in the streetwear industry made them design a one of a kind camouflage. Also available in Black/Camo, I thought that this cap should be copped in this color way called Fatigue.

The more I look at it, the more I start to think that ironically this cap won’t hide you at all: it will make you stand out as somebody that rocks a specialty item. It’s such a direct thing to look at this piece and to ask yourself: “What kind of color is this?!”.

The pastel toned shades of aqua green, light lilac and tobacco brown blend in harmony with a top result. It actually didn’t catch me by surprise: I know that when it comes to Andrew Reynolds brand you play outside schemes.

Being unpredictable and looking good in the right fit are the only choices when it comes to Altamont and I see that this cotton cap for your summer distributed by Blue is no exception.

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