“It nipped my bud when I happened to fall/into a spot where no ink or an ink-blot was on a scroll” (Dove)

I was looking at this Altamont shirt and all of a sudden I realized that it looks like it’s the representation on fabric of a Rorschach test.

Did the ink blot test used by psychologist to better understand their patients inspire Altamont designers? This camouflage pattern is the Black/Camo version of that Fatigue colorway that you saw here already in the Paint by Camo serie.

It gives a totally different vibe in this Paint by Camo L/S Woven. While the other feels like poetry spoken in soft tones, this one worn by Virginia F is more ready to fight the urban war. Camo won’t disappear, I told you more than once: it’s just getting more mature.

If at first you would go “wow” for any camo pattern that you saw, now only patterns “camo inspired” are gonna make you turn your head in appreciation. This serie is a capsule that shows how Altamont is current with times without losing its unique edge. Street flavor in abundance is the essence here.

This piece has a tough attitude with its thick cotton fabric ready to be washed over and over in order to reach a worn out look. Ready to front any urban situation, from the skate video première at your local shop up to your club where you go get your weekly dose of beats, the unique design of this pattern is ready to gain approval among your circle of friends.

Tell your shop to get in touch with Blue Distribution in order to get this shirt or tell the owner that he needs an ink blot test.

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