Alternative Apparel ● Adrian Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie

I just hope that you are not thinking: “Ok, it’s just another basic zipper hoodie” because you would be so wrong. Fortunately my passion about street fashion saves you every time. This item worn by Talita L is the next frontier of “no logo” apparel. This means that there is a concept behind this fleece that is not only related to its price tag.

While you can find a sweatshop in Asia that crafts a similar item for half the price, when you wear an item by Alternative Apparel it says one thing loud and clear: you care. You care about the environment and you want absolutely no child labour involved when you buy a fleece like this.

Alternative Apparel made its philosophy flawless by focusing on the following points: recycling, authentic vintage style, timeless apparel and affordable price.

In order to create the fabric that this Adrian Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie is made of, this brand recycles PET bottles and includes organic materials in a blend that is surprisingly soft. Here shown in its Eco Summer Berry colorway (but there are 10 more for you to pick), this is the contrast zipper hoodie that you find embroidered or printed in many collections of top streetwear brands that rely on Alternative Apparel for blanks.

The reason is evident: this item looks good. Its non toxic low impact heather dying has an authentic vintage appeal and this means that this hoodie can be worn in many years to come without being out of fashion.

My suggestion is always the same: use your head and cop superior items for the right price, just like in this case. This brand belongs to Interjeans roster that has always something juicy to propose. On this subject what you should do is check Be Standard website that will keep you informed on all the news about this distributor that made excellence in street fashion its goal since its start.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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