Alternative Apparel ● B-Side Crewneck

Alternative Apparel is back on The Maxiemillion once again. It was only right to show you back to back the versatility of the brand. Based in California, Alternative usually proposes blank items in a wide range where everyone can find his niche. Be it a zipper hoodie, a fleece bomber or a grey crewneck this brand has the premium level you want from a “no logo” brand.

By premium not only I mean the level of quality of its items but also the sustainable craftsmanship that turns PET bottles into a raw material to produce the yarn that will give life to soft blends. Beside this, Alternative uses low impact dyes, organic cotton and eco-friendly packaging.

It was last week when I showed you NY Print Crewneck, one of the rare exceptions to the program that showed a brilliant embroidery with an applique, only to return to a blank item today.

This B-Side Crewneck is designed following the technique that goes back to the 40s of stitching a V under the neck of sporty crewnecks. Originally made of a different ribbed fabric, its function was to absorb sweat while nowadays it is just a decoration. But this item has an unexpected feature.

Made of brushed fleece, it is the perfect complement if your goal is to put together a urban outfit. Its weight is lighter than an actual fleece but way thicker than a t-shirt, so you may wear it with your favorite track jacket in case it gets cold. Give it a try also with a flannel shirt of a denim jacket, it won’t disappoint you.

The unexpected feature I told you above is that this crewneck is reversible. Flipping it inside out you may notice that the woven label has a loose stitching that allows you to cut it easily in order to use both sides. More textured on its reverse side, you can choose your favorite version once you try it, according to your mood.

Don’t be moody, by the way, and connect your shop with Italian Alternative distributor Interjeans: sustainable production needs the support of all of us!

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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