Alternative Apparel ● Basic Printed Eco-Jersey Zip Hoodie

Alternative Apparel wants to put a stop to the madness that is permeating streetwear these days. You have to look like a poor countryman from mid XX century these days. Or a sort of billboard with logos showing as big as the ego they want you to have in order to “look cool”. How about the rest of us? Those that still want to look good and happily match colors creating outfits in the name of timeless taste? We don’t have to look like a astronaut on acid to be fresh, do you agree?

I think that Alternative has that sort of approach that stands out just like the silent warrior that doesn’t talk much whose blade is really sharp. Are you familiar with it? Don’t you remember the last time I posted a zipper hoodie by Alternative? The brand we are dealing with not only has basic styles on point but also a sustainable production based on recycling that includes in its treads the byproduct of those PET bottles that are annoying our oceans so much.

That’s why the soft hand of this Basic Printed Eco-Jersey Zip Hoodie includes 50% Polyester, 38% Cotton and 12% Rayon in its composition.

The item here worn by Kim M is not a tee nor a fleece. It’s actually a jersey fabric, a light one that could come handy these days of multilayered outfits. It’s a men’s item that of course on her has that “stolen from my boyfriend” look that we all love.

While most camo basic zipper hoodies have the same pattern all over, here the smart touches are the internal taping matching hem and sleeves in a salmon shade of orange, the ideal color to contrast any woodland camouflage pattern. It also has a split kangaroo pocket where you can always put your hands.

You can find this brand distributed by Interjeans at any Be Standard store on the good ole Italian boot, whose shop assistants are happy to give you a helping hand to stop streetwear madness!
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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