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If you think that this blog is now 10 years old, you may have start to read it when you were, let’s say, 18 and now you are 28. So many things go down in such a long time span. When you were 18 all you were about was to impress everyone and now, after you learned that nobody cares that much, you feel like it’s time to look good and Alternative Apparel is here to give you a helping hand.


Doing it for yourself (or for the people that cares), you become with time your harshest critic and at a point you start to realize that less is still more. If you have a cap with a high potential, why should your fleece take part of the attention when you want your cap to stand out?! Then again, not everyone out in the streets love to show off, some people prefer to have some cool stuff that doesn’t pass a message beside being clean and never out of place.


California Crew is the name of this item that represents all I wrote here. This terry cloth lightweight crewneck with a worn look is ready to slip into many different outfits, with the same approach of a pair of ripped denim pants.


It’s not hard to figure out: just like the above mentioned denim may be worn with a fitted white shirt or with a vivid allover print tee, this item will be a savior when you don’t know how to pull off an outfit.


This crewneck has been bleached with a delicate attention especially around the neck rather than on cuffs and hem and such treatment gave it a very smooth hand. Its cotton / poly blend brings to our attention Alternative eco sustainability, one of the main reasons beside style, to support this brand.


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