Alternative Apparel ● Hudson Bomber Jacket

With all the ups and downs and all the craziness that seems to permeate streetwear these days, turning horrible looks into trendy outfits, finally Alternative Apparel comes to rescue.

We have recently seen this brand belonging to Interjeans roster with the fresh Basic Printed Eco Jersey Zip Hoodie and even before with its cool Rocky Eco Fleece Zip hoodie so you should be familiar with this brand.

Leaving all the frills (and most of all bad taste) out of its range, Alternative proposal is fresh enough to speak a language made of simplicity, clean lines and timeless style. All this with a level of quality that is high and eco sustainable at the same time. If you consider that the planet is going crazy just as the horrible looks sneaking into streetwear, a little sustainability can’t be bad.

Hudson Bomber Jacket is the terry cloth zipper garment that can be worn in many ways all year long. By this I mean that during summertime you can rock this as a jacket at night while during cold winters this item may become a pullover, worn with a long sleeve tee beneath your parka.

As a bomber should be, the Hudson here worn by Desiré C has two side pockets and a short bound ribbed neckband together with a matching ribbed hem. It is in that area that you can find a white woven label quite essential as a military label may be, stating the nature of your zipper jacket.

Now that you know everything about this item the next step is to go in a BeStandard store and get familiar with Alternative if you weren’t up to now. Online shopping fan? You just have to check the section of this brand on Bestandard website. It is 100% secure, the only risk here is to fall in love with the whole range…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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