Alternative Apparel ● Long Weekend Printed Pants

Alternative Apparel, may you please stop appealing me so much? I wasn’t familiar with this brand up to the end of 2017 and now I feel like I was missing out. Not only an Alternative item is a valid investment that you keep on loving season after season, but it is a much needed complement for a fresh outfit.

There is another side to consider when this brand is the subject: eco sustainability. It is widely known that this brand distributed by Interjeans puts efforts recycling PET bottles, making use of eco and organic fabrics only for its items, while maintaining its productions where fair labour is certified. This is the path that many other brands should take but some others are more concerned with making a profit and forget about the environment.

Going back to style issues, don’t you think that, let’s say if you have a hard to find cap, you shouldn’t “distract” those in front of you with anything else? I came to this conclusion and this is when Alternative items come to the rescue.

These Long Weekend Printed Pants that Elisabetta L is wearing are more discreet than your joggers with bands on the side, yet they are ready to give you attitude.

Made of French terry cloth, this item is styled perfectly here, with white plain items that give justice to its woodland camouflage pattern. With its stitched on pockets and white cord (just like the cord on Alternative hoodies) these pants stand out on their own, especially because of the way they drop once you wear them.

Think about putting your own touch, if plain is your game. Stitch on it a couple of patches and you are good to go.

Taking a military inspiration for the design of a pair of sweatpants is one of the freshest thing that you can think of. Don’t miss this occasion, especially now that such item is on sale at BeStandard stores. Be quick to go there, your style can’t miss this upgrade. Too complicated? Keep it simple then: shop for Alternative online at BeStandard website.

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